HR Toolkit

The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association ("OSWCA") through its membership in the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has been granted access for distribution to this draft Human Resources (HR) Toolkit ("Toolkit") for the general use by sewer and watermain contractors in Ontario who administer their own Human Resources policies and programs.

While the Toolkit attempts to bring together issues concerning our industry, it should not be used without modification. As described below, sewer and watermain contractors must tailor this Toolkit to their own workplaces.

This Toolkit has been designed to provide employers in the construction industry with practical guidance on human resources related issues. It will assist a contractor in undertaking and tracking the necessary HR documentation for their company. The Toolkit includes explanations of key concepts, templates, and case studies. It contains modules on workforce planning, recruitment and selection, workforce engagement and performance, and a prescription for leading in changing times.

It cannot be emphasized enough that, when creating a HR program, a contractor must consider the workplace or construction site on which they are employed or contracted. The OSWCA does not, and cannot, guarantee the application of this Toolkit to your own work. It is intended only to provide a general and suggested framework for use within your own organization. This Toolkit is not legal advice. The OSWCA does not assume any liability for the information presented herein, including the manner in which it is used by a contractor's organization.

The Toolkit should be regularly reviewed, to ensure that your program remains current and complies with current government regulatory standards.

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